Galia Lahav Syed Yaqeen




Q. So is this is a workshop or a styled shoot or a mixer? 

A. Yes. All of the above. We'll invite you in to share in the editorial shoot with us; to get a behind the scenes, full access pass to the madness that is the creative process, the shoot itself, and get our steps for publications as well. Not only that, we'll invite some of our favorite industry professionals (including editors!) along the way and make some fun introductions. 

Q. What am I going to learn?

A. A little of everything about creating a successful editorial shoot. From concept and development to venue selection, partnering with your professional partners (including what to look for in a creative collaboration,) to how to get your shoot published. In addition, since we are both a photographer and a planner/designer, you'll have the benefit of learning from us in a tag-team fashion; as a designer, it's crucial to know how your photographer thinks and to set him/her up for success, and as a photographer, to be able to understand the designer's vision and overlap your own creates a win-win-win for everyone. We'll also teach you how to use these styled shoots to sharpen your own craft and elevate your own process for real weddings. 

And that's just us. 

Whenever possible, we're also going to invite some of preferred partners along for the ride; learn from designers in stationery, cakes, lighting, hair and make-up and wardrobe specialists as to what their creative process looks like, how their brains work, what their creative and how you can better partner with them to bring out the best in each other. Connect face to face with local and national editors to better understand what makes a great submission for them and how to create such great content that you're all but guaranteed to get published. 

And meet some great people in the process, in a far more meaningful way than just a handshake and business card exchange. 

Q. I'm seeing a "Fairly Tale" theme here - is this is a thing? 

A. Nope, just a happy coincidence. We have about three dozen themes in development at any one point in time and we'll give you a sneak peek into our process to pair the theme with the venue, current events, mood, lighting, etc. 

Q. When are you coming here? 

A. Well, that depends; where's "here?" We're both full-time in our own careers, Syed as a editorial and wedding photographer and Tonia as a wedding planner/event designer/speaker, so our calendars can be a bit of a moving target at times. Having said that, our goal is to host at least one Roadshow Wedding event each quarter - and we're ALWAYS up for an adventure. Have the perfect place in mind and would like to invite us to visit? Please shoot us an email at we'd love to hear from you and will take local interest into account when building out the itinerary.